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Lunar Eclipse Matrix Cured Aromatherapy Meditation Ritual Oil

awaken intuition
raise consciousness frequency
release, renew & create change

Full Lunar Eclipse energy offers the possibility of positive occurrences, important break-throughs and clearings. It opens an opportunity for rebirth- recreation of a new set of rules, and new directions. It is an excellent opportune energy to focus on what is needed to move forward individually. Feminine nurturing qualities like compassion and generosity come to the forefront of all human consciousness. There is no better energy for meditation and manifesting positive goals and establishing loving intent.

Add 10 -12 drops to 1 oz. of your favorite massage carrier oil, in a warm bath, or with aromatherapy diffusers. Use undiluted on the body at crown, heart and brow chakras or pulse points. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Please recycle packaging.

nt wt .25 oz • matrix/eclipse cured, dolphin frequency energized

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Mary 3 years ago

So nice

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