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Lemongrass Jade Aromatherapy Gemstone Essence Oil

This listing is for one package, .25 oz.bottle. Lemongrass Jade Aromatherapy Gemstone Essence Oil contains a signature blend of essential oils including, lemon, lemongrass and rosemary and the essence of jade, cured in a Quartz grid.

Jade energy is protective,and supports harmony, love, attracts good luck, and friendship. It is stabilizing and calms the nervous system. Lemongrass has a clean, refreshing scent. Like lemon it is brightening. Rosemary has an energizing aroma to combat nervous exhaustion and fatigue. This balanced blend of inspiring and relaxing oils can have a gently uplifting effect on the emotions.

Use on the body at the pulse points or chakras, in the bath, a diffuser, or pendant, or mix with distilled water to create an aura spray or your favorite massage carrier lotion for a sensual body experience.

Keep out of reach of children.
For external use only. Please recycle packaging.

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Christine N 3 years ago

Love the scent its very refreshing and will wake up your senses..

jennifer 4 years ago

Received this as a gift. Loved it. Had to come and buy more. Lovely scent.

Margaret 4 years ago

This is my favorite to put on wrists & temples in the morning. The scent is beautiful & it perks me awake as I enjoy the lemongrass wafting around me. Love it!

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