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Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing Program

Choose the Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing Program if you desire to:

• Discover your life's purpose in the world
• Learn to respond to the circumstances in your life differently
• Let go of old patterns so you can accomplish your personal and career goals
• Bring balance and wisdom to making important decisions and life plans
• Bring more honesty, clarity, and compassion to your personal relationships and communication
• Manifest your goals and dreams with more grace, patience, and peace

Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing requires your commitment to the process. This program includes 5 sessions, scheduled for your individual needs, comfort, and convenience. Your first meeting will be a 90-minute interactive healing session, and the four following integration sessions are 90, 60, 60 and 90 minutes in length respectively.

Your Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing package includes:

• Five Interactive Energy Healing Sessions (90, 90, 60, 60 and 90 minutes in length respectively)
• Continuous Crystalline Grid Support
• Unlimited Email Support
• Intuitive Readings
• Chronological Healing
• Integration Directives
• Spiritual Counseling
• Intuitive Development Tools

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the Integrated Spiritual Healing Program and Spiritual Life Coaching at

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LaTresa Shaver 4 years ago

Susan is blessed with many gifts to share with her clients and the world. She is very insightful and wise. I highly recommend her. She helped me to get started on my path many, many years ago. She cares about the people who connect with her and she is very heart-centered. You will be amazed by all she can offer you.  I learned so much from Susan. She has been my friend and teacher and is full of insight and wisdom. She is a very wise woman. Susan has a plethora of knowledge and in many facets. She shares her knowledge freely with others. She knows more in her little finger than most could ever realize. Susan is wise, beyond measure and in all ways. She cares about and supports her community. I highly recommend her as she is a great resource of spiritual wisdom.  

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