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Himalayan Mountain Red Sea Salt 1 lb.

Add vitality to your life with Himalayan Mountain Red Sea Salt

The Most Ancient of All Sea Salts!

This amazing salt's specific vibrational frequency balances the body's energy because it contains the entire spectrum of frequency patterns of all elements found in the human body!

Himalayan Mountain Red Sea Salt comes from underground mines high in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, in the region between India and China. The highest mountain range in the world is actually a dried, ancient ocean! Himalayan Mountain Red Sea Salt is considered to have many mystical properties among Tibetans, who mine the salt by hand in accordance with their spiritual traditions. This pure salt has been trapped deep within the Earth for millions of years, so it has never been exposed to any radiation, modern chemicals, or environmental toxins.

Scientific research has demonstrated Himalayan Crystal Salt to re-mineralize the body with 80 minerals and trace elements essential to vibrant health. It replenishes electrolytes and helps to balance the body's pH. This is a wonderful sea salt for most cooking, put it right into your salt shaker! It is very salty tasting, so use less!

A crystal bowl of salt will neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields in your environment. Place a bowl near your computer, and beside your bed.

It is said that a Himalayan Mountain Red Sea Salt Bath will have a detoxifying effect similar to a three-day fast. Pour 3 oz. into a warm bath. Enjoy!

Please note: This salt is one of our most popular products may be back-ordered up to 10 days. Please inquire about availability if you must have it shipped within our stated normal shipping time of 2 days.

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L.A. 4 years ago

I'm almost hesitant to wax positive about this wonderful salt for fear its source will be depleted if everyone starts buying it! This salt contains the same 84 natural minerals found in the body. Oshun Spirit is providing a wonderful source of healthful salt.

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