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High frequency colors 8 piece Tachyon Pyramid Set Chakra Reiki Grid

  • High frequency colors 8-piece Tachyon Pyramid Set Chakra Reiki Grid
  • applied sacred geometry
  • excellent for professional practice
  • use on the body
  • use for feng shui cures
  • use for gridding and manifestation
  • use for remote healing and prayer work
  • each measures 2" x 1.25"
  • violet
  • blue
  • peridot green
  • golden yellow
  • carnelian
  • ruby
  • turquoise
  • water-clear

Powerful, professional tools for your wellness practice. This set offers great flexibility and value (20% off price if purchased individually). Perfect for balanced, full spectrum gridding too! This set ships as one item!

Light pink, deep rose, and emerald green are also available in this size and are sold separately.

$148.00 1 available