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Hematite Oil

Mother Earth Remembers! Created from Earth and the gaseous ether, Hematite is a powerful metamorphic tool which anchors the spiritual elements into material form. Hematite's red essence rebuilds and revitalizes toxified blood. It is excellent in keeping the subtle bodies intact during air travel, surgery and anethesia, and extreme stress. It is an essential grounding remedy for those who become disassociated from the physical world after psychic and healing work. Hematite's grounding and stabilizing properties are beneficial to all Lightworkers. When used to activate the Earth Star Chakra it also assists to fully integrate the higher energies of the upper chakras.

You will receive a 1/4 oz glass bottle containing potent Hematite Oil and a tiny Tibetan quartz seed crystal. This oil is handcrafted by me in very small quantities. It contains a blend of essential oils and the essence of a large Hematite which has been in my private collection for over twenty years. The mighty mineral is immersed in the carrier oil blend for 21 days, and the infusion is placed in individual 2 dram glass bottles, each of which contain a Tibetan seed crystal to boost the vibrational essence. Each bottle is then placed within an active Hematite grid containing 7 smaller Hematites for 7 days.

Subtle Energy Therapies
This oil is for external use only. It is formulated and handcafted to awaken and heal on the spiritual level.

Suggested applications: Add 10 -12 drops to 1 oz. of your favorite massage carrier oil. Massage root chakra, legs and feet. Use 4 - 8 drops in a warm bath, or with aromatherapy diffusers.

Advanced practices: Use undiluted at the Well Spring Points for grounding and Earth Star meditations.

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