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Handmade Natural Soap Loaf Made to Order Aromatherapy Gemstone Essence

Order a loaf of your favorite soap and save!

Our unique, eco-conscious, aromatherapy products, body care, and spa treatments draw their potency from a fusion of synergistic gemstones essences and botanical oils which are cured within a grid matrix. We offer several of our best selling gemstone essence olive oil soaps in 2 lb 12 oz loaves ( about 9 x 3.5 x 3 inches, although loaf size will vary depending on the mold used and the ingredients). These loaves cut easily with a large kitchen knife and yield 16-18 3.5 x 1.5 x .75" bars. If you would like us to cut them for you, just ask!

• formulated with synergistic gemstone essences and essential oils
• all-natural, spa quality
• handcrafted with professional grade aroma-therapeutic oils
• tachyon formula, sacred geometric matrix cured
• olive, soybean, and coconut oils leaves skin very soft and beautifully conditioned

My name is Susan Berry. I am a clairvoyant artist, a traditional Usui Reiki Master (1997), and an intuitive and compassionate seer and healer. I have studied and practiced with masters of diverse esoteric disciplines over the past thirty years. I work in a variety of natural health and wellness modalities, and I specialize in the subtle-energy therapies of gemstone and botanical vibrational healing. These hand crafted soaps have been among our best sellers since 2000. They are created in VERY small, very precious, quantities.

Sometimes I do have an extra loaf or two in stock that are not listed and are ready to ship so please inquire. Please allow up to to 45 days for delivery on made to order loaves, these are made fresh for you and cure in a grid matrix for a full moon cycle, well worth the wait! Shipping via US Priority Mail Med Box fits up to 4 loaves.

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