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Handcrafted Wooden Button Bead Tachyon Necklace

  • Handcrafted Wooden Button Bead Tachyon Necklace
  • 60 inch length
  • brightly colored and faux painted button beads
  • button beads measure one inch in diameter
  • the matching pierced earrings are our gift to you!
We asked one of our favorite island artisans to create a piece for us that would embody the spirits of happiness and joy! The result is this fabulous faux-painted wood bead necklace! These are colorful, bold pieces, and no two are exactly alike. They are designed to wear doubled at 60". Lightweight and easy to wear. AMAZING energy and craftsmanship, each bead is blessed as it is joined to the next! Crafted with love and devotion, they are beautiful inside and out... just like you!

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