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Golden Yellow Tachyon Orone Zero Point Crystal Healing Chi Pyramid

Sometimes it is beneficial to create layouts which use only a few colors or all of the same. You may purchase each color separately. Choose clear, violet, cobalt blue, blue, turquoise, peridot, pink, emerald green, golden yellow, carnelian, and ruby. These are the 2" x 1.25" and 1.5" x .75" and 3.25" x 2" size. The shining stars of every energy medicine practice, they are great for perfectly-balanced, full spectrum gridding too!

Master Teacher Healers:
This piece is programmed to the path of attainment through enlightenment, and mastery of the crown chakra, to assist souls in receiving the Holy Spirit’s gifts of the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge.
The Second Ray, the golden yellow ray, is the energy of wisdom, understanding, illumination and discernment. This is a purification ray. Use on the body, in meditation, in gridding, distance healing, or prayer work, and to create sacred space.

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