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Goddess Fertility Wise Woman Handcrafted Blessed Raku Pendant Bead Necklace

This pendant is beautiful. It measures .5" x 2" inches and strung on 24 - 28 inches of gorgeous Raku beads, to slip over your head and hang at your heart. The photos show the colors that may be used in your piece, but each one is truly one-of-a-kind. You will receive one tachyon Raku pendant.

Wear the Goddess to honor Mother Earth as a living being. Wear the Goddess to symbolize our love for each other, kindness, support, respect, care, and compassion. Wear the Goddess to honor all forms of mothering, and the celebration and nurture of children and young people. Wear the Goddess as your promise to protect and care for the earth, water, fire, air and all creation in Her world.

Each one is unique, and more beautiful than the next. It is strung on 28" of charged raku beads. The photo shows the colors used in your piece, but the pattern will vary in each. Powerful.

Wearing Tachyon Jewelry

• Promotes environmental health via electro-magnetic fields

• Improves circulation and balance the flow of chi in the environment (and in the body)

• Protects from EMF radiation

• Supports natural healing and holistic wellness

• Magnetizes us to our highest potential

$20.00 8 available

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