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Gemstone Essence Aromatherapy Oils Custom Blended Tachyon Optimized 4 oz

Every body and every person's emotional, physical and spiritual health is unique, as well as their response to s the chemical properties of essential oils and the energetic signatures of crystals, resins and botanicals. We'll begin by assessing your health and lifestyle, taking into consideration your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This information helps me select the appropriate essential oils and crystals for a maximum therapeutic benefit.

Blending an individual fragrance is much like creating a work of art. Each essential oil is like a musical note and when combined with other oils, forms a symphony of harmonious vibrations in resonance with your wellbeing. Your individualized blend will be formulated especially for you!

Each order is cured within a grid matrix according to lunar influences and/or your birth chart so please allow up to to 45 days for delivery. You will be very pleased, and agree that a custom blended, tachyon-optimized aromatherapy product is well worth the wait!

Or, choose one of our favorites: Atlantean Healing Temple Oil, Archangle Assistance, Violet Flame, or Oshun Spirit Signature Blend. Money Drawing Oil, Modavite, Black Onyx, Laimar, Ruby, Emerald, Hematite, and Labradorite blends are also available in the 4 oz size. Please note your selection(s).
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