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Frozen Dog Treats Roasted Chicken and Gravy Gourmet Pupscicle Dry Mix

Chixicle Gourmet Pupscicle Dry Mix is the COOLEST gourmet dog treat ever... with the taste of roasted chicken and gravy!

Dry Ingredients for Homemade Frozen Dog Treats:

• all-natural, wholesome, nutritional ingredients

• helps keep dogs hydrated and cool

• dogs love them!

Just add water, a little love, and freeze! Mix dry ingredients of a packet with 2 cups of water in a small glass bowl and pour into 1 standard ice cube tray. Scrape any remaining bits into the portions. Freeze for 4 hours or more. When ready to serve, put a pupsicle or 2 in a bowl for your cool dog to enjoy. Each packet makes 2 cups
(1 standard ice cube tray), about 16 treats. Contains 2 packets.

Ingredients: All human grade ingredients. Nonfat dry milk, chicken gravy granules (contains potato starch, vegetable oil, wheat, meat, salt and soy.) No preservatives. Please refrigerate mix until use. A percentage of all Cool Dog Duke sales support organizations that give animals a voice.
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