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Fluorite Oil Mental Clarity Intuition

Tachyon Fluorite Oil gently breaks through confusion, mental/emotional blockages, and boosts intuition.

Fluorite energy has an overall balancing effect, and is calming and restorative to the mind and spirit. Rosemary activates and enlivens the brain, helps to clear the head and reduces mental fatigue. Studies indicate that Rosemary may help with memory disorders. Lavender has a balancing effect on the nervous system, as it relieves anxiety and encourages calmness and the ability to center and tap into your inner knowing.

Subtle Energy Therapies: All natural essential oils combine the essence of the beautiful, gemmy Fluorite cluster shown above. The formula is cured in an Amethyst and Fluorite grid. Amethyst helps to balance intellectual and emotional energies, and further activates insight and intuition.

This listing is for a 2 dram bottle.

How to use: Massage a drop or two directly onto your Brow Chakra and at the base of the skull, and breathe deeply! Place a few drops in a a bowl of water or a diffuser to create a restorative environment and boost memory and mental clarity. Combine with distilled water in a clean spray bottle to mist your work station every morning! Expect brilliance!

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