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Emerald Green Tachyon Orgone Zero Point Crystal Healing Pyramid

Healers Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary represent the qualities of truth, and healing. Their ray, the fifth ray which is emerald green, helps us to be seers of truth and to bring into manifestation God's plan for our lives and allows us to see the abundance intended for us. Archeia Mary is the aspect of grace, mercy, compassion, and protection.

The color of spring and rejuvenation, green is the healing color of nature. It combines the bright, yellow power of fire, like the sun, with the grounded power of nature, the earth, to create beauty and vitality all around. It is the shimmering green of life-giving chlorophyll, created by the Sun's action on the fertile Earth Mother.

Sometimes it is beneficial to create layouts which use only a few colors or all of the same. You may purchase each color separately. Choose clear, violet, cobalt blue, blue, turquoise, peridot, pink, emerald green, golden yellow, carnelian, and ruby.

Place in your environment to create peaceful, sacred space and to neutralize negative energies. Perfect as a center stone in a grid with other cells, crystals, gemstones or pyramids. Exceptional tool for Reiki distance healing, and group work. This is a nice size to lay upon the body for chakra-specific energy healing and to hold in meditation. 2" x 1.25" and 1.5" x .75" size. The shining stars of every energy medicine practice, they are great for perfectly balanced, full-spectrum gridding too!

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