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Dudu Osun African Black Soap 2 Bars plus 8oz Dudu Osum Raw Shea Butter

Dudu Osun African Black Soap and Dudu Osum Raw Shea Butter Lotion... all you'll ever need. Wonderful for ALL skin types, you'll throw away all your other skin care products!

Enjoy the ultimate luxury with Dudu Osun Natural Black Soap! Made with pure honey, aloe and shea butter, this Nigerian Black Soap cleans, nourishes, moisturizes, restores and refreshes your skin and is regarded as the finest African Black Soap available. Dudu Osun African Black Soap is made in Nigeria and continues the age-old tradition of quality, handmade African soaps. It is made from pure, natural ingredients and herbs, and contains no artificial colors or preservatives, and is biodegradable. It is excellent for sensitive skin and babies, and helps to restore skin that has been damaged.

• Dudu Osun African Black Soap is 100% derived from natural, organic ingredients

• No chemical additives.

• All the ingredients used in making Dudu Osun African Black Soap are organically grown in Nigeria.

• Dudu Osun African Black Soap lasts 2-3 times longer than your regular bath soap.

• Foams well in water to create a rich lather
Specially formulated entirely from natural ingredients and herbs, it has curative and healing properties as well as enhancing the appearance and feel of the skin. It is very effective in healing chronic eczema, acne, freckles, stretch marks, and dark spots. Leaves you feeling silky and smooth, as if you've been pampered at a spa.

Ingredients Include: Pure Honey, Shea Butter, Osun (Camwood), Palmkernel oil, Cocoa Pod Ash, Palm Bunch Ash, Aloe Vera, Lime Juice & Oil, Lemon Juice & Oil, Healing Herbs, Water

Net Weight: 150g (5.29 oz) each bar
, you will receive 2 bars

You will also receive 8 ounces of Dudu Osum Raw Shea Butter Lotion, also a Fair Trade product.
Healing botanical extracts and essential oils combine to condition and heal damaged skin. Use this Shea Butter Lotion on your face and body as a daily moisturizer. It is the perfect compliment to Dudu-Osun Black African Soap!

Great to soothe burns and minimize scarring. It's even edible! (Shea is often used in chocolate as a substitute for cocoa butter.) Shea, whether called a butter, or lotion is well-known as a miracle ingredient in cosmetics and lotions. Its use in cosmetics worldwide is relatively new, but shea butter has been widely used in parts of Africa for centuries for moisturizing, healing and cooking. Creamy Shea butter can also be used as a hair conditioner and to fight dandruff.

Shea butter comes from a tree that's indigenous to sub-Saharan West Africa. It's an excellent emollient and anti-inflammatory that's rich in fatty acids and vitamins A, E and K. These vitamins and nutrients are essential to healthy skin because they do the following:
•    Vitamin A: Studies show that vitamin A reduces lines and wrinkles, controls acne and provides some psoriasis relief.
•    Vitamin E: Applying vitamin E to skin helps repair sun damage, reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.

•    Vitamin K: Topical vitamin K reduces bruises, spider veins and wrinkles.

•    Fatty acids: If your skin is dry, inflamed or prone to whiteheads and blackheads, your skin may lack essential fatty acids. Without an adequate supply of these nutrients, skin can produce a more irritating form of sebum, or oil, that can cause acne and skin irritation.

Shea butter creation is a process that's been passed down from one generation of African women to the next. Between June and September, women gather fruit that's fallen to the ground and carry it to their homes in baskets on their heads. The pulp is removed and the nuts are boiled or left to dry in the sun so they don't germinate. The next steps are to roast, crush and pound the seeds, usually with a mortar and pestle. The women then add water to the seeds and knead and beat the mixture into a paste. As foam floats to the surface, it's washed several times to get rid of impurities, and it becomes progressively lighter with each washing. Finally, the concoction is boiled and the top is skimmed off -- this top layer is the prized shea butter. It takes one woman working eight to 10 hours to convert about 22 pounds of shea nuts into butter.

Imported from West Africa. By purchasing products through fair trade programs, you are supporting a great cause while giving a thoughtful, one-of-kind gift. Your purchase helps women in the developing world by providing fair wages, safe working conditions, job training, opportunity, and empowerment.

This set ships as one item. What’s not to love?
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