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Deep Pink Magenta Tachyon Orgone Zero Point Healing Pyramid 1.5 inch diameter

The Hope Ray is the Rose Pink Ray, it is the Healing Ray to heal mankind. HOPE is always. All ways. Hope is the quality that will fulfill all of your desires and dreams that are of a constructive nature. Be absolutely clear in your intention of what you want to bring about in your world, make it for the greatest good for all creatures who share the Earth and yourself. Ask for the Rose Pink Ray to envelope your being. Ask for the Power of Hope to heal everything that is in your physical form that requires balancing, and everything discordant in your mental and your feeling bodies to be healed.

Akasha is the Angel of Hope and Manifestation, the of energetic essence that is comprised of Faith, Love and Forgiveness. HOPE is 'H', the Honesty within your intentions of whatever your desire is. The Honesty is the pureness within your intentions. 'O' is for the Opulence that is your right to have, the Opulence within your dreams that you desire to manifest into your appearance world, for it is your Divine Right to have everything that you desire that is of a constructive nature. When you BELIEVE then that Opulence, through the Power of Obedience will manifest everything into form naturally through the Power of the 'O' within HOPE. 'P', is for Perfect and the Power of your Divinity the essence that you are. This is the 'P' within us because we are HOPE. 'E', is the Effervescence with Expectancy that Creates in the most delightful manner everything that is brought forth from within your higherself, your Inner Divinity, your heart's truest desires.

1.5 x 1" size. The shining stars of every energy medicine practice, they are great for perfectly balanced, full-spectrum gridding too!

We also stock this color in 2 inch and 3.25 inch diameters.
$18.00 2 available

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