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Violet Flame Tachyon Orgone Zero Point Healing Balancing Chi Pyramid

Sometimes it is beneficial to create layouts which use only a few colors or all of the same. You may purchase each color separately. Choose clear, violet, cobalt blue, blue, turquoise, peridot, pink, emerald green, golden yellow, carnelian, and ruby. Use violet at the crown chakra to stimulate and balance the pineal gland and integrate with Spirit and links to the universe.

Wherever there is a situation which is giving off low vibrational energy, use the violet energy to prevent it from attracting to itself even more such energy. A tool of spiritual alchemy, the Violet Ray, or Flame, as it is often called, transmutes low vibrational energy and transforms it into light or pure high vibrational energy. It can be invoked to heal body, mind and spirit as well as to harmonize challenges in everyday life. Wherever a transformation to higher energies is needed, use the violet flame.

2" x 1.25" and 1.5" x .75" size. The shining stars of every energy medicine practice, they are great for perfectly-balanced, full spectrum gridding too!

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