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Random Mix Bulk Chinese Blooming Green Tea 10 Balls

You will receive 10 tea balls. I'll choose from 36 varieties. There will be a nice selection of mixed blossoms so you will be pleasantly surprised with each new cup of tea! This is for a bulk bag of 10 unlabeled tea balls.

To Brew a Tea Flower: Place one ball (each ball weighs about 4 grams) into a glass teapot or mug and add just-boiled water. Let steep for 10 or 15 minutes. The longer you let it sit, the stronger the flavor will be. Sweeten with milk and honey if desired, or enjoy as it is! This Marigold/Jasmine/Osmanthus/Lily green and white tea is 100% organic, hand picked, and handcrafted.

A work of art in a pot!

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Penni Peterson 4 years ago

These are so much fun and tasty too. Great hostess gifts but, you'll be tempted to keep them for yourself. My granddaughters were fascinated too.