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Blue Ray Tachyon Meditation Healing Feng Shui Pyramid - Large

Our large Tachyon Pyramids measure approx. 3.25" in diameter x 2" tall. They are highly programmable and exceptional for meditation and spiritual growth, channeling and group work. You will find them to be a valuable addition to your home and office, the professional practice environment, your daily meditation and yoga practice.

Place in any room to energize your environment while neutralizing negative energies. This larger size is excellent for healing practices which incorporate light and color therapies and Atlantean techniques. Wherever there is a situation which is giving off low vibrational energy, the blue ray can prevent it from attracting to itself even more such energy.

The blue ray provides us with spiritual and physical protection and is pivotal to the proper expression of power and leadership. It is also essential for developing faith and attuning to the divine will and one's divine plan. Encompass yourself with the sky-blue light - the color of Archangel Michael and the ancient color of the Blue Flame. Let the Blue Ray heal you, increase your self-respect, strength and energy, and let it protect you from all the negative things that come to you.

The female side of Archangel Michael's Divine nature is Faith.
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