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Black Onyx Oil Oshun Spirit

Black Onyx Oil is an excellent tool to help break addictions and negative behaviors, and to maintain positive energies. 

Subtle Energies: Black Onyx is grounding a stone, excellent in difficult times of change. It is to be extremely helpful to people who are in the process of " letting go" and releasing past emotional attachments. Onyx energies "protect you" by repelling negative influences, helping you to avoid temptation, and those relationships that are unhealthy or lead you away from your intended goals. Use Black Onyx for psychic protection and to stay in your center when working in emotionally charged situations.

A blend of Clary Sage, Ginger, Vetiver, Spikenard, and Patchouli essential oils create a rich, earthy, aroma. The oil carries a subtle, grounding, "mossy" scent. Together with natural Onyx, these synergistic vibrations stimulate the Root Chakra, stabilize, and ground your will. The Tachyon formula contains all natural oils and the essence of a powerful, rough Onyx shown above. The oil is cured within a Black Tourmaline, Hematite and Obsidian grid.

How to use: Massage a drop or two directly onto your lower chakras and wellspring points, or place a few drops in a diffuser to create a supportive environment. Excellent to blend with your favorite massage oil or lotion. This oil is for external use only.

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