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Batik Hag Rag Cotton Pocket Scarf Shawl Wrap Apron by Oshun Spirit 6

It's a smock to cover your frock! It's a fun fashion alternative to an apron, and you've never looked so good in the kitchen! One side is a golden vine print, the other is a patchwork of 3 or 4 gorgeous hand-dyed Indonesian cotton batiks.

Fun mismatched pockets hold your glasses, your lipstick, your phone... each one is one of a kind! Hide your pockets on the inside and wear as a scarf (secret money belt style), or flaunt them on the outside of your Hag Rag! Fold the scarf in thirds lengthwise to create a collar, or wear it unfolded as a wrap.

The pocket details show all of the prints used in this Hag Rag. The brown vine print is on the reverse side. It measures 10.5 x 70", the pockets measure 8 x 5" and 8.25 x 8". I have larger and smaller ones in other listings for large and small body types. This is a small size, good for a petite woman or for sitting.

Hag Rags are wonderful for those in a wheelchair to keep phone, tissues, and meds handy.

Cold water wash, line dry to keep colors bright.

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