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Atlantean Larimar Gemstone Oil

Known as the gift of Atlantis, Larimar energies will transport you to the waters of the Caribbean, soothing emotions, mind, and spirit!

It is said that Larimar links one's soul to water devas, angels, and dolphins. Larimar is a calming and tranquil friend to any one who is searching for meaning, truth and love! The vibration is etheric in nature. Larimar dissolves negative charges and teaches peace. Larimar supports the heart and throat chakras, encouraging heart-to-heart communication. Essential Oils include Pettigrain, Chammomile and Lavender.

Subtle Energy Therapies: This Tachyon formula contains a blend of calming essential oils and the essence of a beautiful Larimar shown above. This beauty is immersed in the carrier oil, and the infusion is cured in an Angelite, Aquamarine, Pink Tourmaline and Rose Quartz. This oil is wonderfully soothing for sensitive children and cranky, stressed adults.

How to use: This oil is for external use only. It is formulated and handcrafted to awaken and heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Used at the upper chakras it will facilitate a connection of deep peace that unites the heart and mind with the blue ray of tranquility and encourages the highest expression and meaningful exchanges of ideas and emotions. Great in the bath!

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Sherry 4 years ago

I combined this oil with the Dolphin Songline Healing from Susan. I dumped an entire bottle of this oil in my bathtub and did the healing, a little extravagant but so amazing I actually heard dolphins with my physical ears underwater... the oil added so much to the experience energetically and it smells amazing. Thank you!

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