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Atlantean Healing Temple Oil Grid Cells Tachyon Orgone

  • eight .75" luminous glass Tachyon power cells are included
  • 5 x 5" print of original channeled art transmits Tachyon energy
  • aromatherapy/gemstone oil may be used on the body or in a diffuser
  • instructions and affirmations included
  • activate for personal and group meditations, and as a continuous Feng Shui cure
  • sacred geometry of 7: 3 (the divine ) and 4 (matter) represent unification, and the creation of consciousness leading to transformation

Hold more light! A powerful, synergistic gemstone and oil blend calms and balances the body, mind and spirit. The fragrance is both relaxing and stimulating! High frequency crystalline energies assist your ability to integrate the higher frequency healing rays that are coming through, and open you to abundant love and light. Experience perfect serenity and tranquility. Compliments all healing modalities. Apply at the temples or use with a diffuser. Great for meditation and lightwork.

Atlantean Room Harmonizing Grid: Create a healing temple anyplace, in any space. You'll feel the energy that radiates from this grid even before you activate it! Eight .75" luminous glass Tachyon power cells are included with this amazing full-spectrum crystalline grid. Their energies combine transformational elements of the sea with lunar energies. They are similar to moonstones, but balanced in male/female polarities. Like a sphere, grids radiate a consistent, positive frequency. However, by tying the individual cells' energies together through sacred geometry, a far superior, and much more powerful tool is created.

This powerful channeled grid and oil both vibrate to the number 7. Seven, the combination on 3 (the divine ) and 4 (matter) represent unification, and the creation of consciousness leading to transformation. Of course, grid activation instructions and suggested affirmations are included with your Tachyon oil, grid and beach-glass cells!

My name is Susan Berry. I am a clairvoyant artist, a traditional Usui Reiki Master (1997), and an intuitive and compassionate seer and healer. I have studied and practiced with masters of diverse esoteric disciplines over the past thirty years. I have created this set of Takionic wellness tools for you to use in your daily life as well as in a professional healing practice.

Crystalline Gridding is powerful modality in which crystals and stones are arranged in prescribed, presice, sacred geometric patterns. These geometric patterns create a very focused vortex of Life Force Energy. Takionic grids are activated by connecting specific patterns of light between the cells, using crystalline, mental and/or divine energies. This advanced healing art has the capacity to influence the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Your Room Harmonizing Grid measures 5 x 5" and is a print of original channeled art. It transmits Tachyon energy, and is perfect to set up and activate for personal and group meditations, and as a continuous Feng Shui cure. It may be used with or without the Tachyon cells to create a balanced, energetically nurturing sacred space. The individual cells also may be placed on electronic devises, worn or carried, or placed directly upon the body at the chakras during healing and meditations for overall balancing.

Takionic Room Harmonizing Grids

• Promote environmental health via electro-magnetic fields

• Improve circulation and balance the flow of chi in the environment

• May be used to vitalize drinking water and food

• Support natural healing and holistic wellness

• Magnetize us to our highest potential

A continuously running Tachyon grid is a powerful way to energize and harmonize your environment!

Spiritual guidance cannot be a substitute for professional, legal, or medical care and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. You must be 18 years or older to purchase my services. By purchasing my services, you agree that recommendations are subject to your own interpretation, and your actions are a result of your own free will.

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