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Atlantean Healing Temple Oil Aromatherapy Light

Hold more light!

Perfection! This powerful, synergistic gemstone and oil blend calms and balances the body, mind and spirit. The fragrance is both relaxing and stimulating and contains Ylang, Lavendar, Cedarwood essential oils.

High frequency crystalline energies assist your ability to integrate the higher frequency healing rays that are coming through, and open you to abundant love and light. Experience perfect serenity and tranquility. Compliments all healing modalities.

Apply at the chakras or use with a diffuser or in the bath, 1/4 oz in glass bottle. Vibrates to the number seven, the combination on 3 (the divine ) and 4 (matter) represent unification, and the creation of consciousness leading to transformation. Great for meditation and lightwork, use alone or with the Atlantean Temple Grid Set, available at Oshun Spirit.
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Diana 4 years ago

my husband put some of this on my temples the other night, and I really felt like it was so powerful and I felt I was vibrating at a much higher level, pretty amazing stuff!

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