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Artisan Soap Lovers Sampler 4 Ugly Ends Crystal Healing

You will receive 4 bars!

This lot contains fresh endcuts and slices that are a bit dented or mis-shapen and are known to soapers as "ugly soap." This is a great way to try a variety of handcrafted soaps and discover a new favorite or two... I'll create a nice assortment for you from some of these favorites:

• Oshun Spirit Signature Blend
(my best seller since 2005)

• Sweet Water Spa Signature Blend
(White Tea, Ginger and Jade)

• Sweet Scrub (Cherry Almond Exfoliante w/ Dead Sea Clay)

• Labradorite/Citrus

• Sunstone/ Orange Patchouli

• Sandalwood Rose/ Angellite, Cellestite

• Moldavite Tektite/ Hamaadi Sandalwood

• Green Tara (Peridot, Grren Garnet and Freshwater Pearl essence)

• Coffee Scrub (Chef's Hand Soap)

• Wakame (Seaweed and Sea Salt)

• Sweet Mud w/ Dead Sea Clay

• Azurite Peppermint w/ Tea Tree Oil

• Turquoise Essence Chocolate Mint

• Oshun Spirit Black (Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay & Aloe)

• Kashmir (Rhassoul Clay, White Tea, Ylang Ylang, Clove, Citrus)

• Sweet Luv w/ Bentonite Clay

• Awaken (Rosemary Spearmint Clay)

• Fresh Cucumber Lime

• Yogurt Soaps

• Stinky Dog Soap from Cool Dog Duke

... and more!

All vegan, hand-crafted olive, soybean, coconut oil and shea soaps are very luxurious and will leave your skin soft and beautifully conditioned. Each hand-cut bar weighs about 2 - 2.5 ounces (measuring about 2.75 x 1.5 x .75" each +-). Gemstone infusions and tinctures have been used effectively in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines for thousands of years. These soaps have wonderful energy!

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, essential oils, fragrance oils, natural colorants, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and herbs, spices, natural muds and clays, oats, seaweed, and the essence of gemstones. Cured in a grid matrix.

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