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Angelite Kyanite Sandalwood Rose Tachyon Soap

Archangel Assistance Soap

Formulated and handcrafted to awaken your capacity to invite and intuitAngelic Guidance in your life

A most HEAVENLY blend of uplifting essential oils, and the essence of gemstones. If you like the Archangel Assistance Oil you will LOVE the soap!

This all-natural, hand-crafted olive, soybean, and coconut oil soap is very luxurious and will leave your skin very soft and beautifully conditioned. Each hand-cut bar weighs about 5 ounces. This soap is created in VERY small, very precious, quantities and contains Archangel Assistance Oil.

By embodying both the highest vibrational and the lightest resonance levels, the Archangels serve as an exemplary role models for angels and humans alike as they traverse the universal evolutionary spirals with pure grace. In order to maximize the grounding and manifestation of the highest energetic templates, the Archangels form a collaboration that shares both the power and the responsibilities for those Universal Rays in an equitable manner. Each of the Archangels who serves on one of the Twelve Universal Rays has a very distinctive soul-note and spiritual personality that reflects their current evolutionary status, and also their personal functional aspirations for the Universal Ray they work on, as well as the modalities they use including their signature vibrational minerals, plants, animals and essential oils. In this way they act as "Rainbow Spirit Bridges" between the celestial and terrestrial realms and further assist in the creation of Heaven on Earth.

The qualities of Love, Light, and Power are balanced in the Archangel consciousnesses and divine matrixes. Supportive emissaries with bridging responsibilities, the Archangels span dimensional time and space to serve as patrons and protectors of humanity, bringing blessings and providing intercessional openings. The Archangels that have been overlighting Earth, and who are currently holding positions on one of the Twelve Universal Rays includes, Archangel Chamael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Urimiel, and Archangel Zadkiel. The Divine Plan patterning for each of the Twelve Universal Rays, are washing the earth and its inhabitants with many hues of divine radiance at this time.

Takionic Healing Tools

• Promote holistic health via electro-magnetic fields
• Improve circulation and balance the flow of chi in the body and immediate environment
• Support natural healing and holistic wellness
• Balance subtle energies
• Magnetize us to our highest potential

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Sandalwood & Rose Absolute essential oils, and the essence of Angelite, Cellestite, Kunzite, Kyanite, Labradorite, and Rose Quartz.

Cured in a grid matrix. You will receive one bar.

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Mary 4 years ago

Another beautiful soap. The scent is magical, this is anther favorite!

Marla 4 years ago

I was surprised by how much I love the smell of this soap! I might have to buy another bar so I can keep at least one in a drawer to scent my clothes.

Mary d 4 years ago

Amazing! I am a customer for life!