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90-Minute Phone Distance Healing and Psychic Reading x3

This is the most requested service that I offer. This listing is for 3 sessions, to be booked within a 3-month period. During this interactive session via telephone or skype I will help you to identify and release dysfunctional blocks and negative patterns to improve your ability to receive and utilize the loving, harmonious energy the universe employs to manifest all things.

Be fully heard and accepted on all levels of your being

• Receive clear and specific Divine guidance and direction

• Improve relationships and bring clarity to communication

• Integrate universal truth and understanding in all areas of your life

• Heal lifelong pain and trauma and restore yourself to peace and love

A session by telephone or via Skype may also include guided imagery and breathwork, chronlogical healing, and chakra clearing and balancing, resulting in:

• Feelings of relief and relaxation
• An overall sense of well-being
• A profound sense of inner peace

• Clarity in mind and spiritual insight

An improvement of general health

The release of unhealthy agreements, contracts, relationship issues, and energy patterns

• The development of spiritual gifts and talents

After you have purchased your appointment, please email your photo and/or birth information (time/date/place) along with information about any life issue(s) you would like to heal. I
will bring this information into meditation prior to our time together. We will begin your session by exploring the spiritual guidance that was intuited for you during meditation. Together, we will move the energy for about an hour, and then you will return to a relaxed state of being. After your phone session ends,I will continue to send you healing energy for a few more moments, allowing you to remain in the higher energy patterns for as long as you like.

Please indicate several “best times” during my regular office hours (M-F, 10am - 4pm EST) when you can be receptive and relaxed for your appointment (
I do make myself available very early in the morning, and occasional evenings as well, by special request. You will receive an email with the next available match, and I will call you at the agreed time (ex: 11am EST, 11/22/11). Skype service is available for international clients.

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