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7 Tachyon EMF/Water Harmonizing Power Cells

Set of 7 Tachyon Power Cells

Each measures approximately .75" in diameter, and are made of water-clear glass. These are especially nice to create a Tachyon Grid with your custom channeled art or any grid you may already be using! A Tachyon Grid is used as an aid to manifestation, and a continuous Feng Shui cure to create and maintain a balanced, energetically nurturing space.

The cells may also be placed on or near electronic devises, worn or carried, or placed directly upon the body during healing and meditations. Use to energize water for cooking, drinking and the spa/bath. The applications are endless!

Takionic Harmonizing Cells

• Promote environmental health via electro-magnetic fields
• Improve circulation and balance the flow of chi in the environment (and in the body)
• May be used to vitalize food, water and healing tools
• Support natural healing and holistic wellness
• Magnetize us to our highest potential

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anonymous 4 years ago

Yes, I set the grids and intention, then the cat jumps up and 'rearranges' them to his liking. He likes to re-decorate!