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7-day Crystalline Grid Healing Program

Crystalline Grid Healing 24/7 Energy Transmission

Crystal Healing is a vibrational healing modality that works directly with the light, color, beauty and perfect geometric forms of the mineral kingdom. The Ancients used crystalline grids to facilitate deep healing and transformation. Crystals and stones are arranged in prescribed, presice, sacred geometric patterns which can create a very powerful vortex of Life Force Energy. A crystalline grid may take the form of a simple triangle, a spiral, or a complex medicine wheel or mandala. These grids combine the unlimited potential latent in universal sacred geometry with manifesting earth energies.This advanced healing art has the capacity to influence the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

I highly recommend the use of crystalline grids when releasing old habits, establishing new lifestyle patterns, and to manifest specific goals. Grid work can be an effective modality in transforming relationships, situations, clearing environments, and maintaining energetically balanced patterns. The continuous support is particularly beneficial in times of extreme stress, injury, and illness. I have also created beautiful grids for those preparing to make their peaceful transition in and out of this world.

The grid patterns which I create are charged with healing energy on a daily basis. Powerful healing energy continues to flow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To begin the process of constructing your personal grid, we will set up a convenient time for a 30 - 60 minute telephone consultation. (Email correspondence if outside USA.) During this time, we will discuss your needs and I will connect with you energetically. Then, I will bring your information into meditation in order to receive proper spiritual guidance for your specific needs. As I intuitively select sympathetic crystals, I spend time charging each crystal with healing frequencies. I also program a crystal to “sit in” for you, another person, or a situation. I then arrange the stones in the formation which has been given to me by Spirit. This process takes about one hour. I highly recommend that this be scheduled at a time when you can be relaxed, meditative and receptive although it is not necessary. One or many varieties of crystals and stones may be combined in the construction of your grid, depending on your intended use. I use only very high quality, natural, rough, polished, and faceted stones. The stones are placed in crystal or earthen bowls which contain sand. The grid is then activated by connecting specific patterns of light between the stones.

By the universal law of correspondence, as I activate and send healing energy into the grid, the person(s) the crystals are sitting proxy for also receive the energy. The crystal’s orderly and symmetrical molecular structure radiate the healing energy in a consistent, steady manner long after you and I have turned our attention to other matters. The crystals in your grid will store “light” and discharge it perfectly, according to your needs.

I have witnessed exceptional benefits unfold when clients have placed themselves into these crystalline grids of light. I believe that the vibrations in the grid gently pace and lead your personal vibration to its own “peak performance” in any area of your life you choose to enhance. This is a gentle, but powerful modality.

When purchasing your program, choose quantity x1 (for 7 days) or x 3 (for 21 days). Please send me your photo and any information you wish to share that I will bring into meditation prior to our time together ( I ask that you suggest several best times and dates for your initial telephone consultation. (I will call you if in USA. Please note: Telephone consult is a beneficial but not a necessary component.) You will also enjoy full support including spiritual counseling (by email correspondence) during the course of your program. A musical synchronization of the grid activation may also be arranged. After your grid is constructed, I will send you a photograph of your personal grid, in PDF format by email, for your use as a meditative tool.

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anonymous 4 years ago

It's what I look forward to! I call upon this modality for clearing, healing and discovery. It's always the best 7 days whenever I'm "in the grid"! I feel blessed to have Susan to facilitate the energy as she always acts with integrity and unconditional love.

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