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3 Tachyon Water Harmonizing Cubes Oshun Spirit

Water harmonizing cubes neutralize potentially harmful contaminants, 
leaving you with clear, refreshing and great tasting water!

Takionic wellness tools promote health and wellness via electro-magnetic fields. Place one or two cubes into a pitcher of pure water for at least 11 minutes. Use this charged water for drinking, making tea, cooking, making elixirs, and watering medicinal herbs and organic veggies. These cubes will never lose their charge. Try throwing a few in the tub with some gemstone and botanical oils for a spa quality experience.

Using Tachyon water harmonizing cubes helps to stimulate your immune system to fight the first symptoms of cold or flu, so be sure to keep one in your brief case or at your desk. They help to cleanse and detoxify the body, enhance blood and chi circulation, and support natural healing. The applications are endless!

Your cubes each measure approx 1 x .75 x.75." You will receive three clear glass water harmonizing cubes.

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