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"Susan is blessed with many gifts to share with her clients and the world. She is very insightful and wise. I highly recommend her. She helped me to get started on my path many, many years ago. She cares about the people who connect with her and she is very heart-centered. You will be amazed by all she can offer you.

I learned so much from Susan. She has been my friend and teacher and is full of insight and wisdom. She is a very wise woman. Susan has a plethora of knowledge and in many facets. She shares her knowledge freely with others. She knows more in her little finger than most could ever realize. Susan is wise, beyond measure and in all ways. She cares about and supports her community. I highly recommend her as she is a great resource of spiritual wisdom."

– LaTresa Shaver

"I have been a Reiki Master for 6 years and when I need healing, the only person I trust is Susan! Her warmth and wisdom are apparent the MOMENT that you first connect with her and her knowledge of the metaphysical world will literally astound you. Love that is truly palpable surrounds everything this woman touches and I am proud to call her my teacher, healer, inspiration and friend. Trust in the healer who the healers go to!!! She's a gift to us all."
– Mark Ross Milner

"Susan is very passionate about her business and her products and most importantly - taking care of her clients."
– Fredrick Nijm

"Susan Berry is a tremendous healer and spiritual advisor! I have had email and phone readings since my first reading 6 years ago which have been incredibly insightful and deep. If you are ready to look within and listen to your spirit guides through Susan, you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended for self or for a fabulous gift!"
– Justine Cooper

"Susan has helped me many times over the last five years. Her gift is wonderful and her insight is the best. If you need her she's there for you."
– Nancy Jones Crawford

"I have noticed so many changes in my life over the past few years using your products.. I went from having such extreme stress and anxiety to being more relaxed and calmer.. the amount of stress and anxiety I use to carry on a daily basis was like carrying the world on my shoulders.. and I never knew why I felt so much to the extreme all the time.. there was nothing going on in my life to feel so much stress and anxiety.. I am surprised it didn't kill me..

I have to say that your products have changed my life.. you have no idea! I really believe they have helped me tremendously. I still get anxiety from time to time but it no longer rules me anymore..

All the time and energy, hard work, and love that you put into your products are such a blessing for me and so many others and I am very grateful and thankful to be able to use these products.. They are really life changing for me and I am sure others as well. I love them all.. there isn't one item I have tried that I didn't like..

Thank you so much for such amazing products.. I really appreciate all that you do.. it just wouldn't be the same getting them from someone else!"