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Using Tachyon Wellness Products

  • Sep 24 2013
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Use Tachyon energy cells for increased energy, healing, stress relief, meditation, physical strength and mental focus. Tachyon energy cells direct Chi to remove blockages, relieve pain, and create balance in the body. Tachyon Energy Cells placed over the chakras generate strength and awareness. Place a Tachyon Energy Cell over the brow chakra for deeper meditative experiences. A Tachyon Energy Cell taped over the thymus will energize the whole system and helps to protect against EMFs. Creating a grid, and placing cells where you work and sleep enhance these environments as well.

Place Tachyon cells in in your refrigerator, and food storage pantry to neutralize industrial processing and chemical residue. Your food will taste better and stay fresher longer. In addition, the vital nutrients will be better absorbed and utilized by your body. Tachyon cells in the environment create balanced, peaceful spaces for work and rest.

Wearing tachyon jewelry is a practical way of effectively balancing your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energies. One of the most effective pieces of jewelry is the pendant or necklace. A pendant worn correctly, sits on the heart chakra, the central chakra which sits between heaven and earth, and is therefore a great balancer of energies.
The heart chakra also influences the thymus gland. The thymus gland has been called the seat of the soul and it plays an important role in synching and fusing the spiritual with the physical. From the physical point of view, the thymus produces important T-cells which defend the body against illness and disease. Wearing a tachyon pendant or bead necklace over the heart chakra helps to keep the thymus gland healthy and greatly increases your capacity to love and receive love.

Place these tachyon pyramids in any room to energize your environment while neutralizing negative energies. You will find them to be a valuable addition to your home and office, the professional practice environment, and your daily meditation and yoga practice. Use in your home to create sacred space and an aura of love and balance.

Tachyon Pyramids are excellent for healing practices which incorporate light and color therapies.They are highly programmable and exceptional for meditation and spiritual growth, channeling and group work. They are available in several sizes, and in chakra-specific colors. Perfect for working with Indigo and Crystal children, a must-have for high frequency healing, and full spectrum gridding too!

Tachyon Blankets are excellent to use in the professional practice when conducting healings and treatments, as the Tachyon-energized material helps to balance all energy fields and enhance the energies you are using in your work. I've been using these in my practice for years and my clients love them! Extra support at home when you are recovering from an illness or surgery, and very good for meditation.

Tachyon textiles on the body increase and stabilize the human aura. The Tachyon field of influence promotes balanced energy, resistance to the effects of stress, and deeper relaxation. Also, enhanced mental focus, greater physical endurance, and protection against harmful electromagnetic field radiation (EMF).

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