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To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!

  • Mar 14 2015
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We are raising funds for materials to create a Butterfly Garden at New Durham Elementary School.

Earth Keepers are passionate kids in an enrichment program offered to educationally disadvantaged and homeless children in grades 1 - 6 through a partnership with The Libby Museum of Natural History. The children have chosen to create a Butterfly Garden at New Durham Elementary School as the culminating activity of their after school program. I have run programs for over 20 years thru the Libby Museum, and

I will personally oversee this project as the program coordinator for the museum - if the children can raise funds for materials. They will fund raise locally, but we cannot expect more than a few hundred dollars to be raised in their school community. We can, however, expect donations of equipment use, labor, and reduced-cost materials.

School Gardens:
• Improve social skills and behavior
• Instill appreciation and respect for nature that lasts into adulthood
?• Improve life skills, including working with groups and self-understanding
• Contribute to communication of knowledge and emotions, while developing skills that will help students be more successful in school
• Have a positive impact on student achievement and behavior.

With $1,000 we will:
• have enough materials to create our Butterfly Sanctuary with landscape timbers, rocks, stepping stones, topsoil, fertilizer, compost, seeds, and native New Hampshire plants - especially perennials and grasses that live longer than single-year annual flowers
• create a small landscape area with several shrubs or small trees that define an outdoor reading nook
• add a small Butterfly Garden Library to the school media center
• include a landscape element such as a rock grouping, fountain, or benches to enhance the garden landscape (depending on amount raised)
• enjoy a school-wide dedication event

Our School Butterfly Garden will be a living laboratory where interdisciplinary lessons are drawn from real life experiences, and a sanctuary for both students and butterflies. Please help us to meet our goal and donate today. Thank you!

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For more information about this project, please contact me, Susan Berry, Program Coordinator at

Libby "Museum Without Walls" Programs brings Dr. Libby’s vision to local children enrolled in the The Governor Wentworth Regional School District who could not otherwise benefit from the Libby Museum enrichment experiences.

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