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Everyone Loves a Great Sale!

  • Apr 19 2017
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All I can say is "thank you!"

Welcome to my new home!

My dearest, most wonderful, Oshun Spirit customer friends ~

I am thankful each day when I see the work you are doing to positively transform our world and create cleaner, greener, kinder, and more sustainable communities. I honor your commitment to using natural wellness and personal care products and services, and your dedication to learning how to heal yourself and our world with intention, compassion, and your heartfelt blessings.

You have inspired me to use my life wisely, to boldly live my truth, and to create, innovate, and serve. And, together we have created and sustained The Earthkeepers project which supports efforts to transform children’s daily lives through connections with nature and the indigenous, multi-cultural teachings of the Web of Life.

We know that our shared work is already helping to counteract some of the greatest challenges facing children today. These include educational systems and households facing extraordinary pressures: poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, attention difficulties, obesity, declining creativity, anxiety and depression, and a deep disconnection from the wonders of the natural world.

Research shows that regular time in nature...
• Facilitates better social and physical development
• Improves fitness, motor-skills and well-being
• Supports creativity and imaginative play
• Inspires collaboration and reduces violence and bullying
• Reduces stress
• Creates feelings of empathy for nature — the first step toward developing the next generation of environmental stewards.

The Earthkeepers program has created resources for young people, based on research of modern and ancient wisdom, that are designed to support this vital work. Once a program way ahead of its time, Earthkeepers now is regarded as an important and necessary intervention component in the community where it has been tested. And so, as our grant funding comes to an end, I have been blessed with the opportunity to become a district employee with the ability to maintain and grow the program.

So yes, that forest up there is my new home! It is a magical place born in the imagination of children with open minds and open hearts. Children who know that they are perfectly special, amazingly capable, and resiliently hopeful. Children who believe they are going to change the world, in fact, they have already impacted their community in many positive ways. Your support mattered. It still matters...

So, what I'm finally able to say is this: It's time for me to return to my roots at Oshun Spirit; specifically by offering intuitive arts services and the very best, carefully crafted, potent products. I'll offer seasonal goodies, and continue to create high frequency gemstone and botanical fusions whenever inspiration insists in manifestation; meanwhile I'd like to clear out the inventory on hand and take the spring to redesign the website and improve your shopping experience.

I invite you to PLEASE let me know which products you simply cannot live without, and I'll make sure that I keep them in stock. Just drop me a note through the website, at my personal email or message me on facebook

I look forward to hearing from you!

Meanwhile... everyone loves a great sale! Shop early for best selection. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

In love and peace,


Everyone loves a great sale!

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Let's celebrate!

Together, we've accomplished some pretty amazing goals

  • Nov 20 2016
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All I can say is, "Thank you."

Because of you, we have been blessed with the opportunity to do the work that truly feeds kid's souls and elevates their potential as conscious co-creator inhabitants of Earth. Open hearts and inquisitive minds grounded in the web of life and stewardship of our precious natural resources - this is your gift to the world. Thank you!

The Earthkeepers are children in grades 1 - 6 who are part of an after school program for kids in-need. These unlikely heroes have created a butterfly garden, an outdoor classroom in the forest, and a buddy bench on the playground to spread kindness and an appreciation of nature at their school. They have created a school-wide culture of inclusion and friendship. Their message is resonating across all boundaries. All, because of you!

A few weeks ago I mentioned to an Oshun Spirit customer-friend that this winter, it would be nice for Earthkeepers to have dry pairs of mittens to put on for their “outside time” after school. I imagined a forging a connection with resident knitters in a nearby assisted living facility. "Warm Hearts, Warm Hands." I only needed the funds to buy yarn and materials. An Oshun Spirit Earth Angel donated these funds before I could even finish my next sentence. Today, joyful knitters are helping these children, and the children are loving giving the knitters the opportunity to share their talents, connect, feel valued, and give the gift of love. Personal notes and "gratitutide rocks" have been exchanged and the knitting has begun. And so have amazing friendships between the young ones and the elders, as it should be!

This is just one story. You have supported me in so many ways. When you "like and share" a post on facebook of the kids installing outdoor community art stations, or planting a pollinator garden you help me bring awareness of the importance of nature education for kids today. When you donate crystals for land art, and ribbons for weaving, provide computers or cash, or simply appreciate the resilient spirit in these kids and hold hope for our world - you change the world - for the better. All I can say is, "thank you!"

When Oshun Spirit does well, I am freed to commit more time and energy to The Eathkeepers Program. So, I am asking you do do some Holiday Shopping today.

Your support means the world to me, and to the children in the Earthkeepers programs. It is important to state that this is truly a crowd funded project. There is no state or district funding for this project. The after school program has been blessed by the support of The Friends of The Libby Museum and an Angel Investor launched the day program which serves over 165 kids. But the future of these programs exist on a wing and a prayer. If you can shop, please do. If you can't - send some good vibes our way and share our story.


Everyone loves a good sale!
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Thank you!

Summer Clearance! Save 30% Storewide!

  • Jul 22 2016
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I need your help!

  • Jul 7 2016
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I am reaching out to all of my wonderful customer friends. As many of you know, I have been working with homeless, educationally disadvantaged and at-risk kids for many years, employing the teachings of gratitude, service, connection to the web of life and its/our healing of which you all are very familiar.

We know that children need to practice caring for others and expressing gratitude for those who care for them and contribute to others’ lives. Studies show that people who are in the habit of expressing gratitude are more likely to be helpful, generous, compassionate, and forgiving—and they’re also more likely to be happy and healthy.

I have been given a unique opportunity - that is to open "The Earthkeepers Enrichment Center" within the walls of an elementary school in New Hampshire. I am so close to making this happen. Your support means so much to me. This can be a model for the future of mainstream enrichment for kids around the globe.

We don’t make children happy when we simply enable them to be receivers of kindness. We escalate their feelings of happiness, improve their well-being, reduce bullying, enrich their friendships, and build peace by teaching them to be givers of kindness. We can bring about a more peaceful, kind and healthy world for us all by making this enrichment program as mainstream as art, music and physical education in our schools.

If you’ve helped spread the word about my project to potential supporters, thank you! If you haven’t, please consider forwarding my campaign link to others and sharing my campaign with your friends on Facebook. If you can make a financial contribution, I thank you with all my heart and soul.


to be caring is like learning to play a sport or an instrument. Daily repetition makes caring - for the Earth and for each other - second nature. Learning gratitude similarly involves regularly practicing it. There's no better place than right at school! Let's do this!

Here’s the link to the campaign:

Thank you so much!

In love and peace,


Time for a little R&R

  • May 3 2016
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Time for a little R&R! Please note that orders placed 5/4 thru 5/15 will be shipped 5/16. Thank you!

Spring Fling Flash Sale

  • Mar 19 2016
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It's time celebrate!
Spring is a miraculous experience!

The whole world comes alive, and fills with color and the scents of delicious greenery.
Spring gives us hope for rejuvenation in our own lives as well.
Now is the time to renew the excitement and zest for life that lives inside you!
Treat yourself to some good energy today!

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Our best sale of the year starts today!

  • Feb 15 2016
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Our best sale of the year starts today

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You could say I offer divinely inspired design...

  • Jan 2 2016
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As an Energy Healer, I am able to see and feel energy, interact with it, and channel it to create a powerful, supportive infrastructure for my own branded products, energetically enhanced products, and my clients. I have assisted many clients in aligning their careers and livelihoods with their soul's purpose with great success. I support high integrity entrepreneurs and artisans in bringing their businesses and endeavors to the world.

Whether you're just getting started or doing some rebranding, I offer personalized, heart-centered graphic design to make your business pop and get noticed. We begin with an initial 90-minute session by phone where we will discuss your direction, vision, and how I can serve you. I can help you gain mission statement clarification and we'll discuss the nuances of branding your unique business or service. This is where I really get to know you and understand your business and your life goals. As a clear channel for Source Field Energy, I am able to interpret your vision and support you in clarifying your purpose from a unique vantage point. This opens the door for tapping into your limitless possibilities. Because I see and feel energy and understand the importance of alignment, I am able to support you in creating a brand presence and collateral materials that match the highest expression of your passion and purpose. You could say I offer divinely inspired design.

I will join with the deepest part of your being so that you may experience and receive the highest level of divine guidance as you brand your business. I do, that you may heal and transform your own life as well as the lives of others by bringing forth success, abundance and fulfillment. As a small business owner, craftsperson, or entrepreneur you have a unique gift to share with the world. I would like to help you to communicate your presence with a brand identity created in love, with love, and in alignment with your spirit.

As we begin the branding process I will also support you in moving through your fears, sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, and healing the energy blocks and leaks that have been detracting from your ultimate success and fulfillment. This process will open you up to your truth and, in doing so, activate my gifts so that the branding I design for you – your logo, and its application on printed materials, packaging, in the marketplace, on social media, etc. – perfectly matches your soul purpose and represents a business that is clear and in alignment with the highest good for all involved.

By the way, I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from the School of Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, 1982 where I majored in Package Design. I was the Creative Director at Paul Landry Associates in Boston, MA before launching my own advertising firm in 1986. It was in this capacity that I worked and studied with leaders in Holistic Health and Mind/Body Medicine in Boston, leading to my presence as a Master Teacher/Healer bridging spirituality, science, human potential, and creativity today.

Included in your purchase is:

• Your Perfectly Aligned Logo: After talking with you about what you'd like and meditating, gridding and dreaming - I'll present you with a custom logo design that is perfectly aligned with your energy and represents the highest expression of your business' integrity and purpose. After receiving this proof, you are allowed up to 3 modifications until you receive your final files. I will also create:

• Art for Branded Print Materials (does not include printing):? Your Perfect Logo on your Letterhead, ?Business Card, ?Coordinating Envelope, and ?One Package Label Design or Package Insert. I'll also create a color palette?, font selection, and guidelines for consistent use.

• Social Media Marketing: Up to 6 custom designed graphics for your social media or marketplace needs (banners, headers, profile image, favicon, etc.)
for Facebook, Etsy, Twitter, Blogger etc...I'll make it work for your social media network.

• Two Social Media Ads (.jpg format)

Now that you've got a new look, you'll need a way to show it off! See the listing images for examples of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram ads sure to draw attention and likes!

You may also wish to add this start up Website Package:
This service includes up to 6 beautifully designed pages built on the Weebly drag-and-drop framework: (Home, About, Shop, Product Page Template and Sample, Contact, and Blog pages) copy editing, and a training session so that you will feel confident in managing your website. You'll be able to showcase your brand on your very own website with a shopping cart that is mobile optimized, SEO friendly, and with a contact form straight to your email. I can also help you to transfer your domain name and set up your cart and payment gateway. This package may be added to the Branding/Social Media package for an additional $500.

Need more ads? Order them one at a time for special promotions, new product launches, or whenever you want a fresh graphic. $75 will get you what you need.This service is for Branding Clients only.

It is my greatest pleasure to help you to discover what you truly desire in your heart and help you to expand your vision of what is possible. My goal is always to support you and empower your brand to make a difference in your life and in the lives of your customers. It's time to share your gift with the world!

I look forward to working with you!

You may purchase branding services at