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At Oshun Spirit, our focus is on personal development, health & wellness, and oneness consciousness as paths to global transformation.
Since 1994, our mission has been to support those who value a commitment to the well-being of all people and life on our planet,
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Shop our selection of Fair Trade handcrafts for inspired, eco-friendly, and socially responsible gift giving. You'll return again and again for our all-natural Sweet Water Spa therapies, salts and mineral muds and our quality Tachyon wellness products. Discover beautiful bio-resonance jewelry that soothes the soul as it adorns the body. Intuitive healing sessions and readings are scheduled by appointment. For your security and convenience we accept all major credit cards through Google Checkout and Paypal. US Postal Money Orders are also accepted as a payment option from our US customers. We ship via domestic and international USPS Priority Mail, and combine shipping. Be sure to visit our blog, Oshun Spirit Living Light We love our customers and your special requests are always welcome!

Mother Knows Best!

Oshun, the Yoruban Goddess of love, delights in the creation of beauty and art.She rules the 'sweet' waters - rainfall, lakes, rivers, and streams. She is the Goddess of passion, and sensuality, as well as abundance, and prosperity. Also known as the "Mother of Secrets", Oshun teaches us how to overcome our difficulties through kindness, compassion, and the restoration of harmony.

Oshun blesses any beautiful space created in Her honor. Caring for your body temple and nourishing your spirit please her as well, and when Oshun is pleased, her blessings know no limits!

Discover luxurious hand-crafted Sweet Water Spa bath and body indulgences to relax, refresh and renew you, a collection of energetically-enhanced and blessed jewelry to adorn your body and soothe your soul, and earth-friendly goods for your home and garden.

Healing modalities, personalized study programs, and spiritual consultations may be scheduled by appointment. You are invited to browse through the lovely offerings found on these pages... and bring into being your best life, and your dancing spirit!

Tachyon Wellness Products FAQs

I’ve heard that drinking Tachyon- charged water is like drinking from the fountain of youth. Has that really been proven? OK, that’s called negative entropy. There is a rather well known experiment which demonstrates this idea. Two rose buds are cut from the same vine at the same time. Rose "A" is placed into regular water. Rose "B" is placed in Takionic water (this can be created by the use of a cube, charging plate, or grid). Rose "A" opens, the stem collapses and the flower wilts after 3 days. We call that “normal.” The water for Rose "A" is then replaced with some of the Takionic water, and the stem becomes erect again and Rose "A" reopens. Meanwhile Rose "B" which has been in Takionic water opens and stays open for a week without wilting. It is surmised that the Tachyon water provided Rose "B" with enough Universal Life Force Energy to slow the effects of aging. In the example of Rose "A" the effects were a reversal of the aging process. I'm not sure if that qualifies as the discovery of the fountain of youth, but Takionic water certainly improves vitality! I also water all of my kitchen and medicinal herbs with charged water!

How do you create your products? Do you use a machine or a computer program? No, human beings have been able to access and utilize the Zero-point field, long before the invention of electricity and mechanical converters. The Zero-point is the open etheric heart in the human subtle bodies, the point of merge in the polarities of the Merkabah. I use the ancient techniques of sacred geometry and focused mental energies, and the pure love emotion as an initiated Master. (Please do not confuse this with the “new” Tachyon Reiki which in my own experience has not provided a viable path. Think of it this way: both ARE energies just as a microwave oven and a gas flame are energies. Both will cook an egg, yet the egg will look, taste, smell and feel different, and even offer varying nutritional qualities when you ingest it. So it is with Tachyon Reiki and applied Sacred Geometry, you get different results.) The technique I use is similar to pyramid/ merkabah technologies and the lightbody activation except that we are entering the molecular codes of the item materials, and they do not have to be complex matrix recipies like some orgone energy beamers and generators. Tachyon converters and other machines simulate the technologies of applied sacred geometry.

How can I learn more about applied Sacred Geometry and Zero-point technology? If you wish to broaden your understanding of the ancient technologies, this link is a good starting point.

How is Zero-point energy different from Tachyon energy? Zero-point energy is not a particular form of energy, such as microwave or flame, Ching (physical energy), or Chi (life force energy). Zero-point energy is formless. It is the oneness, the SOURCE of those forms of energy. Tachyon energy is the very first energetic structure that emerges out of formless Zero-point energy. Like Zero-point energy, Tachyon is not limited to a certain frequency and cannot be measured in the Hertzian frequency spectrum. Its qualities are much like Zero-Point Energy, varying only in that it is a structured field. In that structure (sacred geometry!), Tachyon energy has stored this potential, that which is needed to create the perfect flow called an "Energetic Continuum" in every other individualized form (of life). Everything that transpires in the Universe, the Earth's ecosystem, and in the human body, is already encoded within Tachyon Energy in perfect form. Only human beings have altered those forms.

How do your products compare with machine converted products? I have found that my products test superior in both muscle testing, and the famous grape to raisin test, and the wilting rose test. Also, my products are onmidirectional unlike others which are directional. (Think of a rose which creates a field of fragrance- one would impact your desk area while a vase full or singles placed around a room would impact the entire space.) Of course you can create directional energy with a pyramid to increase or pull away energies, but you don't really need to. The organism will come into balance on its own, using its own intelligence. I think a good way to describe the quality of the energy is this: Which would you prefer? The usable life force energies of fresh squeezed, natural orange juice or that of the simulated, manufactured, powdered drink mix. No contest!

Don't Tachyon antennae have to be made of copper? Absolutely not! Some matrix antennae are created with copper, gold, quartz crystals and other biologic compatible materials, flower petals, oils, resins, stones. Sometimes a spiral or coil is added to create movement. The composite vibrations can act as a receiver. But so can anything else! Silk, copper, silica, and water are among my favorites, and I recommend that you experiment with materials for various uses. Orgone accumulators use magnets and crystals to gather and pull the Tachyon energy from the Zero-point as do scaler-wave and resonance technologies. Applied Sacred Geometry gathers, pulls, shapes and resonates by the DESIGN of the Creator! Plus, its patent-FREE, so my prices are lower!

Are Tachyon products the same as Organite?
No, not really, although many do use the terms interchangeably. In 1940's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to measure the existence of etheric (life energy, chi, etc.), which he called orgone. In 2000, researchers discovered that mixing catalyzed organic fiberglass resin with inorganic metal shavings, poured into small molds such as paper cups and muffin pans, would produce a substance which would attract etheric energy similarly to Reich's accumulators. A further step was taken so that Orgonite functions as a positive energy generator. It creates positive energy out of harmful negative energy (like a salt lamp,a citrine or a tourmaline although these work on different frequencies). Organite is constantly in a state of transmutation yet also on a very specific frequency.

How do we humans block our natural ability to absorb Tachyon?
Great question! If we look to nature we find the answer! Unlike human beings, animals are not influenced in any way NOT to live completely healthy lives. They do not worry that their teeth are not white enough, fur is not shiny (or curly or straight or blonde) enough or that their cave is not decorated in the latest leaves and twigs. Flowers sprout, bloom, st seed and compost never worrying if they did it right, or wondering why they as tulips can not grow as tall as Sunflowers. They exist in the Oneness, with acceptance and purpose. Our own sense of “not good enough", not worthy, unsure of purpose, our sense of being disconnected from the whole is what blocks us. Our minds, our egos, and now even our karma blocks our true selves from enJOYing all that is available to us. The only thing we need for achieving health and balance in our lives is to participate in the freely flowing Energetic Continuum. In other words, we need to ALLOW it to flow through all the layers of our bodies, emotions, minds and spirits. As this energy flows into our material cells, it completely optimizes our biologic functions including our immune system and metabolism in a perfectly balanced manner. That is the way we are meant to function! If any layer of the subtle energy system (body, emotions, mind, or spirit) is blocked, energy will not flow down into the next denser level. From that level onward, there will be detrimental deficiencies of energy. Significant blockages in the spirit eventually create physical disease.Body follows mind, as above, so below. It all begins with a spiritual disconnect.

Can using Tachyon energy complement other modalities of energy medicine like acupuncture, homeopathy, and even alopathic medicine?
Crystal energy, magnets, sound therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, and drug therapy all have the potential ability to remove some blockages, to remove stagnant areas where energy can not flow freely. They work in a certain layer (at a certain frequency) of the subtle body system. However, because energetic frequency therapies, like Reiki, are limited to a certain frequency, there often exists an un-touched area in the spectrum of the auric field.So, what if our problem is not rooted in that spectrum of frequencies? Not such great results! Tachyon energy is totally different from all of these modalities. Tachyon energy is not a certain type of energy, but rather includes all energies in itself. Tachyon energy is the gateway back to Zero-point energy, ALL THAT IS. This is something that no frequency can do.

What is the actual effect of Tachyon energy on the physical body? Well... Tachyon really doesn't have any effect in and of itself!!! What Tachyon does is give our body (and our subtle bodies) the chance to CREATE whatever effects are needed. Because our bodies are intelligent, they always move toward health and balance.

How does Tachyon help to enhance my health?
We all are compromised by the effects of a world polluted by herbicides, pesticides, toxins in the air and water, toxic people, stress, electromagnetic fields, radiation, ozone depletion, and the list goes on. Many of us don’t even remember what it feels like to feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually whole, to be one with All That Is. Using Tachyon often results in a natural detoxification at first. This allows increased absorption of available nutrients, vitamins and minerals, increased energy for physical activities, increased awareness of subtle energies, increased brain function, increased circulation and exceptional improvements in athletic abilities and muscle recovery. And that is in the physical, material realm. It works similarly in the emotional mental and spiritual realms as well. The key to perfect balance is to clear all the blocks in our energetic continuum and to realign with All That Is.

How can using Tachyon energy deepen my spirituality?
ALL energy comes from one source. Christianity calls it the Holy Spirit. In India, it is called the Divine Mother. Modern physics calls it Zero-point energy and Free Energy. I understand Zero-point energy to be the Mind of God, Oneness, or “ALL THAT IS.” Applying Tachyon energy to the thymus and heart chakras (by wearing Tachyon crystalline pendants and beads) or using Tachyon oils at the chakra points helps to cleanse our emotional and psychic circuits, is nurturing to our innate potentialities, and dramatically deepens the meditative state. In this state of PURE BEING we are much more able to access all of the natural sources of Universal Life Force Energy, from Cosmic and Earth sources, and utilize those energies to fulfill our highest spiritual longings, that is to create Heaven on Earth.

How do Tachyon products assist in manifestation? They allow. Tachyon cannot be influenced in any way by any other form of energy including your own thoughts and feelings. It creates a "space" free from competing energies. It functions beyond the speed of light. Below the speed of light energies have gravitational pull, known as the law of attraction. (This creates influence, changing and altering energetic patterns.) Tachyon moves beyond the speed of light so it cannot stick to any energy, and no energy can stick to Tachyon. No matter how confused or conflicted our thoughts are, or how depleted our emotional resolve or mental will is, no matter what kind of negativity we produce in any form it can never alter Tachyon energy and its ability to give us access to the Zero Point energy. So potentially, all problems we have - mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical - can be positively affected and corrected by Tachyon energy! We do not need to forcefully apply it for a certain specific effect,although a Tachyon grid is THE BEST tool to hold affirmations. Rather, we let our own wise souls work through our own dreams, desires and karma. Tachyon energy is simply the natural catalyst for this self-healing process, a process that naturally leads to wholistic well-being, joy, creativity, and abundance. Tachyon energy holds the space in which miracles may occur.

Why do you recommend wearing Tachyon pendants and beads? The thymus gland is the Command Central for the immune system. This center "knows" what should be absorbed by the body and what should be eliminated but unfortunately through the constant bombardment of incoherent frequencies, this function has been severely compromised, and as a result our immune systems are weak. Wearing Tachyon over the thymus strengthens and protects our immune systems. The heart is the power center of the physical body, and the etheric heart is the opening to the Zero-point. When Tachyon is applied to this area the whole set of energy systems that comprise who we are become charged to their highest level with Life Force Energy. That alignment and light wakes us up to who we are and what we were born to do.

What are some of the best reasons to use Tachyon Wellness Tools?
I believe that all human beings possess the innate ability to blend the light of their intentions with the Earth energies of the crystalline structure, to effectively refine Universal Chi into Heavenly Shen, and to consciously return to Source as a human being. In fact, I think that’s why we’re here on Earth in the first place! We just need a little assistance, and Tachyon wellness tools can provide that help. When we come into balance we are able to access and hold more light. This resultant "higher frequency human being" naturally strives for positive individual, community and planetary healing goals. This is the Quantum Leap of Quantum Physics, I call it Divine Evolution. We will become what we know ourselves to be. You may use Tachyon:

• To balance, heal, and maintain harmony of your body, mind and spirit
• To clear negative energies and create and maintain sacred space
• To energize and optimize food and water for people, animals and plants
• To magnetize you to your highest potential
• To increase energy levels
• To increase physical strength, stamina, and delay fatigue
• To enhance the quality of sleep and dreamstates
• To retard aging, reduce stress, assist in DNA repair and support biological functions
• For protection against environmental toxins, EMF and electromagnetic radiation
• As a psychic shield
• To increase psychic abilities and improve intuition and awareness
• To increase synchronicity and enhance manifestation
• To support your connection to divine source
• To enhance meditation, prayer, distance healing, and lightwork
• To accelerate spiritual growth

Everything that exists in this universe, from the most subtle, refined realms of energetic structures, to the grossest, densest realms of matter, is aligned in an energy continuum. Modern physics calls it Zero-Point Energy. Zero-Point Energy should not be confused with a particular form of energy, such as etheric or astral energy. Zero-Point Energy is formless. It is the source of everything. Tachyon Energy is the very first energetic structure that emerges out of non-structured, formless Zero-Point Energy. Formless Zero-Point Energy, (in Quantum Physics), is considered to be the starting point, the Source of the energetic continuum. Spiritually, the Mind of God.

Just like Zero-Point Energy, Tachyon is not limited to a certain frequency. It is not a certain type of energy. Rather, it includes all energies within itself. Its qualities are much like Zero-Point Energy, varying only in that it is a structured field (sacred geometry). In itself, Tachyon Energy has stored all the potential needed to create a perfect Energetic Continuum in every form of life. Everything that transpires in the human body, for example, is already encoded within Tachyon Energy in perfect form. Tachyon energy is the gateway back to Zero Point energy. This is something that no frequency can do. All frequencies are just part of the whole, part of what is anchored in Zero Point energy, but all frequencies are limited in their specific effects.

A freely flowing Energetic Continuum is the vital key to achieve and maintain health and balance in our lives. We need to become superconductors for Tachyon Energy by allowing it to flow through all the layers of our subtle bodies. As this energy flows into our material cells, it supports the entire metabolism in a perfectly balanced manner, the way we are meant to function. What Tachyon does is give our body, and our subtle bodies, the chance to produce whatever effects they need. And since our Divine bodies are incredibly intelligent, they always produce the effects that are good for them.

Tachyon moves beyond the speed of light so it has no gravitational pull.The word Tachyon (Greek) translates as 'fast particle'. It is faster than the speed of light and is derived from the word 'tachytis' (velocity). Tachyon cannot be influenced in any way whatsoever by any other form of energy. We do not forcefully apply it for a certain specific effect, but we rather let the body produce its own healing effects. Tachyon energy is simply the natural catalyst for this self-healing and self-awakening process.

What are some of the things you might experience from increased Tachyon Energy exposure?
In a recent independent research study by Norman McVea, Ph.D., Dir. Oxygen Research Institute, Mill Valley CA , Tachyon  wellness tools were found to be of tremendous value as tools for stress reduction, meditation, creative visualization, consciousness expansion, rejuvenation, and psychic exploration. Tachyon Energy stands on its own as an exceptional balancing and energizing tool, or it can be used in conjunction with nearly all other healing modalities for its enhancing ability. Physically, you may experience an increase in stamina and energy. Natural detoxification, increased vitamin & mineral absorption, enhanced meditation, increased brain function. Emotionally, a return to that feeling of unconditional love; mentally, you could experience increased wisdom or clarity of thought; and spiritually feel more in tune with Source.

Tachyon Energy is Life Force Energy and contains all the resources our bodies need for full and complete healing.
Our bodies already channel this energy which sustains us, helps us grow and renew our cells daily. With Tachyon Energy as the body takes what is needed at any particular moment for healing and returning the organism to balance. When empowered by Tachyon, the body produces its own healing effects. Tachyon Energy is simply the natural catalyst for this self-healing process. Regenerative changes are consistently noted. Our bodies are not only sensitive to, but are energetically balanced by Tachyon energy.

Tachyon Wellness tools increase energy and vitality, reducing stress naturally without side effects and returning body, mind and spirit to a state of natural balance. Tachyon energy is a way of achieving complete attunement with All That Is. The better our attunement is with the cosmic Zero Point energy and its inherent perfect life intelligence, the more likely we are to evolve ourselves into higher levels of physical, mental and emotional order and balance. Tachyon energy actually enables us to attune ourselves constantly with the universal life force: Zero Point energy. This applies to the reorganization of a single cell, DNA, to one particular molecule, hormone, gland, or organ in our body and to our entire spirit-mind-body complex. Tachyon energy is the key element that enables everyone, regardless of his or her level of spiritual growth to be attuned to the universal life force and the inherently perfect intelligence of the Zero Point energy.

The effects of Tachyon energy are unlimited.
Each energy block we clear adds to the joy of the cosmic energy flowing through us. We can literally feel this! As we repeatedly experience it (and then experience the divine energy consistently filling us with joy, peace and contentment) we begin to understand that we are this divine energy.

Using Tachyon energy is a simple and effective way of achieving complete attunement with All That Is.
Tachyon Energy is Life Force Energy and contains all the resources our bodies need for full and complete healing.
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